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Lionel the Nightmaren by FountainStranger

oh my gosh THIS IS AWESOME! one thing i hate to point out is you messed up on his lion form but you know what i have to say about that?...




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Last moon cape idea redline by SparkleWolf404
Last moon cape idea redline
I want last moon to add capes and one of the staff said they could do that but they had no clue how to so this is my redline on how it should look

you can also look at this too Wizeman in Feralheart by SparkleWolf404

It was a peaceful night in Maginaryworld. In the Temple of Light Illumina, the Goddess of Dreams was playing her harp next to the yellow crystal she is destined to protect as usual, when out of nowhere one of the strings snapped! The pink haired goddesses looked surprised, she was normally really good at playing it and the last time something of this matter happened was because the dream world was in danger.   "Oh no,  something's wrong.... I can feel it" Before Illumina could finish that thought however Owl bursts through the temple's door.

"Illumina, Terrible news!"
The goddess stood up and flew over to him. "What is it? -Is Wizeman responsible?! " Asked Illumina.
The bird rubbed his neck with his feathered wing "Yes and no, it has more to do with Helen and Will than Wizeman."
Illumina gave a small gasp "Oh no, are they alright?" she asked, worried.
"Don't worry, both of them are alright, something I can't say about Wizeman.... To put it bluntly Wizeman is, well dead..." Announced Owl "
The angel jumped back in shock "WHAT?!  How could this have happened, his power is only matched my mine, how could those 3 actually manage to kill someone of that power with such ease?"
Owl shrugged "I don't know... perhaps he was still weak from his previous battle with NiGHTS 11 years prior.
She put her hand on her chin "That might explain it..." Illumina flew back to her platform, she stood still for a moment before she split into her two halves.

Lumina looked to her other half "Alright Void, I need you to head to Nightmare, go to where Wizeman was and-" Before Lumina could finish Void had already left the temple "Oh no, he didn't let me finish! What if he got the wrong idea?!"
"Lumina you must have faith in him, sure he's a bit of a clutz sometimes but he always has good intent" Squawked Owl
The pink fairy sighed and shook her head. "I guess you're right Owl, If he can't save The Night Dimension then no one can. Let's just hope he doesn't mess up as badly as that time with the Precioustone "
He smiled "That's the spirit Lumina!"

Void arrived in Nightmare, it looked abandoned and was falling apart. The sight made Void groan "Why didn't he tell me sooner about this, I could've fixed the problem before it got this bad!"

The green haired monster flew off to where Wizeman's throne room, on his way he saw no Nightmaren as it was likely they were all dead by this point. It did give Void a slight feeling of dread seeing all the ruins of the once big empire however.

Finally he had arrived, "This looks like the spot." Void flew up to a small checkered platform and looked down "here goes nothing..."
Void focused all of his energy, the diamond on his chest became pure black as well as his eyes and the jewels on his wrists and ankles. A dark aura sounded Void and he cast the spell, however before he could see if it worked the monster collapsed.

Wizeman wok up startled as breathing heavy, once he calmed down he looked around him and say no signs of NiGHTS or the two Visitors. Had he just passed out? No that can't be right he thought, he clearly felt his body fade into nothing. But if he truly did die then who was the one who revived him and how?  I mean he was a god after all. However before he could think more on the matter he noticed a blue and green figure in the corner of his vision fleeing the scene.
"You, stop right there!"
Void not expecting to hear Wizeman's voice did as he was told and stopped dead in his tracks, he then turned to face him "P-please don't hurt me, I-I w-was just l-l-leaving!"
Wizeman brought his middle right hand closer so he could get a better look at the creature, once it became clear who was in his domain he spoke "Void?! What are you going here?"
"Owl told me you were hurt so I came to help, I did that so now I should be going"  Void tried to fly off but Wizeman grabbed his cape.
Wizeman gave him a perplexed look "You revived me, by yourself?"
Void nods
"First you shattered the Precioustone with a mere touch and now this, what are you?"
Void gave a nervous chuckle "As much as I'd love to answer all your questions I have to find NiGHTS before he tries to do anything stupid..."
The nightmare god glared at him "Hold on, you revived the one who caused this mess in the first place? Why?!"
Though it was hard to tell Void looked terrified "I-I didn't mean to! I just wanted to revive you and no one else but I went a little overboard and  accidently revived all the nightmaren who weren't killed by you also. "
"I don't see how one would have that kind of power but seeing as I am somehow still alive thanks to you I'm not questioning it," He let go of Void's cape "You go find that traitor and make sure he get's punished for his crimes. I'd do it but I don't want to get killed again so quickly, plus I have other matters I need to attend to since I'm back."
Void nods and then teleports away.

The monster arrived back at the Temple of Light where he was soon hugged by Lumina Flowlight.
"You did it Void, you saved Maginaryworld!"
"Thank you, it was a little tricky but I managed"
The fairy smiled "I knew you could do it!"
Void snapped his fingers "Oh shoot I almost! Lumina can you look for NiGHTS for me?"
Lumina tilted her head in confusion "Wait isn't she dead?"
Void sighs "He got revived on accident, you need to tell him that killing Wizeman was bad and not to d it again."
"I don't think he'll be able to do that again but alright, why can't you do it though?"
Void yawned "Because I'm tired after fixing Nightmare, I need to rest."
"Alright Void you rest." She flew to the temple door "You try to rest, I'll get NiGHTS."
Void got on the ground, resting his head on one of the platform's stairs. "Alright" his voice sounded really dreary .

Lumina headed to the dream gate, there she saw NiGHTS resting on a park bench and flew up to them. "Hello NiGHTS"
NiGHTS looked over to the small fairy "Oh hey Lumina it's been a while~"
She tilted her head "NiGHTS were you always British?"
"Funny story about that... Wizeman attacked me one time and he changed my voice, no clue why he didn't make me evil again but I guess that explains how he was so easy to kill."
"Well it's better than you sounding exactly like me, speaking of Wizeman I need to have a little talk with you in the Temple of Light."
"Oh uh okay then"

The two flew back to the temple, it wasn't very far from the dream gate.

"Alright NiGHTS, so about what happened between Wizeman..."
"I know, wasn't is awesome? I was like" NiGHTS started zipping around and attacking the air trying to recreate the battle. Lumina however was unamused by the Nightmaren's acions and threw a card at them. "Hey, what was that for?!" NiGHTS rubbed the spot where she was hit.
"I don't want you accidently breaking the Precioustone, after what Void and I have been though tonight that's the LAST thing we want to deal with." She shook her head "Anyway back on topic, why didn't you tell us about Wizeman attacking  Nightopia?"
"I thought you two were busy, besides I saved it anyways right?"
Lumina groaned "No NiGHTS, you only made things worse...."
NiGHTS seemed both confused and shocked by her reply "W-what? N-no I saved it! I killed Wizeman as destroyed Nightmare!"
"That's the problem! Without darkness there can't be light, without nightmares there can't be dreams..."
NiGHTS had a look of shame and looked away "Oh.... does that mean I doomed the Night Dimension?"
"Yes, that is if Void didn't use his power to fix Nightmare." She motioned to where the monster was resting.
NiGHTS flew over to where he was and looked down at him. "It doesn't look like he's breathing, is he alright?"
Void got up and stretched "Relax NiGHTS I'm alright." he rubbed his eyes to try to wake himself up a bit more "Lumina did you tell him about what I did to fix Nightmare yet?"
Lumina thought for a moment "I don't think you told me... you did follow the plan though right?"
Void scratched his head "You had a plan?"
"What did you do?" asked Lumina
"I revived Wizeman and all the nightmaren, why?"
Both Lumina and NiGHTS jumped back "You did WHAT!?"
Void raised his eyebrow "What? Was that not the plan?"
"No! I wanted you to use your magic to take his place, I mean since your magic is almost a perfect match It shouldn't have been too hard" Lumina explained
Void glared at her "That wouldn't have worked Lumina! Even if I had taken over the nightmaren would not listen to any of the orders I'd give them, even if I were to change my appearance to look like Wizeman someone would notice I can't play the part. " He closed his eyes "Not only that but if they ever found out I was not him and I had the power to fix him things would not end well for me..."
Lumina though for a moment and then sighs "You're right, that plan is actually pretty bad. Plus people would notice Illumina would be missing."
"So can I go now? I mean everything's back to normal and all."
The fairy shook her head. "If you think you can get away for mass murder and tricking children to do your dirty work without punishment then you are sadly mistaken..."
"So what are you going to do with me?"
Lumina flew up close to NiGHTS "You're going to be working for Void and I for a LONG time!"
"Aww what?! I killed Wizeman so I wouldn't have to deal with responsibility!" groaned NiGHTS.
"Mass murder is not okay NiGHTS, You'll have to make up for all the hassle you caused Lumina and I"
NiGHTS crossed his arms angrily "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! But can I at least go to the  Bellbridge clock tower? It's night time in Helen and Will's timezone and I went to the clock tower at Twin Seeds last time I beat Wizeman so I want to keep that tradition going."
"Alright but once you're done get right back to the temple or else!" Void said sounding slightly angry.
NiGHTS nods then heads off to the Waking World.
NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Epilogue, NiGHTS' version
This has been a long time coming, I've been wanting to right this FOREVER but I couldn't get the plot down. Thankfully I was able to come up with something that makes sense.

For those who don't understand this story explains how NiGHTS is still alive in the credits, All Stars Racers Transformed and Sonic Lost World. I couldn't write the story without a little help from Lumina and Void, both from a sonic game but seeing how their game takes place in a dream world and NiGHTS shows up in it made it hard for them not to be in this story.

you can get a better look at the cover here Void in Nightmare Zone by SparkleWolf404

Everyone in this story is owned by sega in some way shape or form
Void in Nightmare Zone by SparkleWolf404
Void in Nightmare Zone
I did as the cover for the NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Epilogue.
I didn't think it was possible but because of the base I somehow managed to recreate the style of the NiGHTS Archie's comic flawlessly, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Void (C) Sega
The base was made by Truth-Lely-Gaia and can be found [here]

Sonic Shuffle The Truth behind Void

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 10:50 PM

A lot of people think Lumina Flowlight and Void are just Illumina's light and dark halves but really it's a lot deeper then you'd think from a mario party clone

I forgot to mention this in the video but the mark on void's cape isn't tied just to him but all the Precioustone Guardians and it is symbolic to their 3 forms, Jewel, Passive and Battle. Lumina doesn't have this mark because she is younger and needs Void to go into her battleform AKA Illumina

.:: Journal Design by Yurii-The-Yoyo ::.

How many of you watch my show Sonic Party House? 

1 deviant said I do and it's awesome!:la:
1 deviant said o3o you have a show? (yes it's right here… )
No deviants said I've heard of it but never had the time to watch (sorry I'll work on making them shorter)
No deviants said I don't watch and I don't plan to (why not?)
No deviants said I watched one part but didn't like (trust me the show will get better)


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